Research Development

While investing in real estate, there are a certain facets to be reviewed like the market value of property, tentative value of property in next ten years, percentage of return on investment, safety aspects related to the property and the like. 
To take care of crucial details like these, UniMax researches each property under its wings. 

We believe in providing well researched information to our clients to give them the best of the experience of our services. To deliver the same we have a Research and Development department for the same, wherein the experts from the field of real estate and stalwarts of UniMax gather data, analyse the problem, and interpret it to develop the same

Through Research we try to give a pilot's view of economic conditions of the real estate market and derive factors like:
  • Market size.
  • Market formation factors of a real estate property.
  • Recent investments and developments done.
  • Government policies and procedure to be carried out; and a lot more.

Thus, through research we then try to Develop leads and advice our clients on attributes like when to invest, how much should they invest, and the hike